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Mamas Gun – “London Girls”

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, this British five-piece band took soul, Motown and funk and brought it into the 21st century. Consisting of Andy Platts (singer), Dave Oliver (keys), Terry Lewis (guitar), Chris Boot (drums) and Cameron Dawson (bass), they have been impressing audiences with their bubbly and infectious sound since the release of their debut album “Routes To Riches” in 2009.

The first single from their forthcoming album is a soulful tribute to girls from the UK’s capital. Captivating from the first drum beats and stylish horns, which are reminiscent of soul music of yesteryear, it is an invigorating melody which includes an acoustic piano and an unexpected rock guitar solo paving the way for Andy’s enthralling vocals. It’s a delicious slice of modern succulent soul.

From their upcoming album “Golden Days”, to be released on 23 February 2018:

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