In The Spotlight

Derrival – “Ghosts Of Our Past”

This Canadian five-piece band from Vancouver, consisting of Adam Mah, Glen Jackson, Dan Kozlowski, Deven Azevedo and Shane Stephenson, has been exploring the indie music scene since 2009. They played live at festivals such as Squamish Valley Music Festival and even landed a nomination from the Western Canadian Music Awards. Beating the odds generally facing indie artists, they make deeply personal indie-pop.

For the third single from their upcoming self-titled album they’ve enlisted the vocals of actress Sarah Jeffery. The sophisticated production travels from an upbeat funky rhythm to smooth indie flavors, culminating in an intricate, energetic chorus filled with contemporary synths. Singing about a fragile love affair, it blends indie pop with 80s vibes creating a flawless auditory treat.

Derrival: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Sarah Jeffery: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Wikipedia

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