In The Spotlight

Mishéll – “Mic Is On”

Born as Irina Rosenfeld, this inspirational Ukrainian singer, songwriter and pianist had her musical career cut short when she suffered a stroke. Although she was told it was unlikely she would sing again, her sheer willpower proved them very wrong. Not only is she able to sing again, she took her unique pop, soul and jazz blend and created a new project of her inimitable musicality and individuality.

Her latest single is a beautiful melting pot of various influences. It kicks off with gorgeous smooth jazzy tones, leading to an infatuating rhythm with some mild disco flair. With the addition of sleek guitar chords, alluring synths and her bewitching, Sade-like vocals, it’s polished and enticing musical magic, which gently strokes your eardrums and makes you deeply grateful her mic was on.

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Music History

Jody Watley – “Don’t You Want Me”

From her self-titled debut album (1987):

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New Music

Capital Cities – “My Name Is Mars”

This is the new single by Los Angeles-based eclectic pop band Capital Cities:

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