In The Spotlight

Rob Drabkin – “It’s A Beautiful Day”

You don’t hear very often that the musical Chicago would change the life of a biochemist, but that’s what happened to this versatile singer and songwriter from Denver, Colorado. He decided to put aside his aspirations of becoming a doctor and focus on music full-time. Donning a signature 70s afro and playing his six-string acoustic guitar, his music is spirited electro-folk with a hint of rock.

The cinematic musicality of his latest single is intricate and anthemic. Starting slow with mild piano, gentle guitar strums and his formidable gravelly vocals, it soon ascends to a high-spirited, foot-stompin’ tune radiating pure positivity. With a bracing rhythm, ear-tingling harmonies and an uplifting chorus with some Grace VanderWaal-like vibes invoking auditory delight, it’s a beautiful day indeed.

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Music History

Lulu – “Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms”

From her album “Independence” (1993):

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New Music

Stevie Appleton – “Supposed To Do”

This is the new single by British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Appleton:

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