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Natalia Marrokin – “Go Down & Go Down”

This Mexican singer, songwriter and composer grew up surrounded by artistic and cultural inspiration, which is audible in her music. She first discovered her singing voice aged 8 and developed it further at Berklee School Of Music in Boston. Influenced by American and British music, she created an exciting sound dipped in soul, blues and R&B and a poetic lyricism filled with passion and love.

An enticing acoustic piano and gospel-infused harmonies form the dreamy atmospheric foundation of her latest single and spawns an euphoric arrangement of smooth percussion, delicate organ tones and heavenly brass. Her tender, heartfelt vocals with a jazzy polish give the song an organic quality and the expressively refined blend of jazz, blues and soul make it an uplifting and honest gem.

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Music History

Lenny Kravitz – “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”

From his album “Mama Said” (1991):

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New Music

Binky – “Jackie D”

This is the new single by London-based country/pop songstress Binky:

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