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Peter Wise ft. Tiger Darrow – “Can’t Do It Alone”

Based in Brooklyn, New York, this singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer is no stranger to the music scene. He’s shared the stage with The Eagles and collaborated with Chicago and Mali Music, as well as using his modern soul/pop blend and contemplative lyricism for his own sophisticated music. His debut EP “Without You Here” was released in 2016, which earned him worldwide attention.

Enlisting the vocal talents of songstress Tiger Darrow, his latest single is a flirtatious lovers dialogue set to music. A breezy guitar and laid-back percussion create an amorous atmosphere, leading to an upbeat chorus in which the two vocals intertwine. The vitalizing pop melody with a slight country twist, serves as a seductive, rose-petal thrown foundation for a rousing colloquy of two struggling lovers.

From his upcoming album “Unattached”, to be released on 4 May 2018:

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Music History

Odyssey – “Native New Yorker”

From their self-titled debut album (1977):

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Sugarland – “Bigger”

From their upcoming album “Bigger”, to be released 8 June 2018:

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