In The Spotlight

Sophia Scott – “Quit”

Born in Boulder, Colorado, this singer/songwriter was raised on a steady diet of classic rock, R&B and country/soul. She immersed herself in music, from Tom Petty to Mariah Carey, but it would be Shania Twain who lit the way to her edgy country/pop style. While initially posting covers on YouTube, she poured her creative lyrical skills and her musical prowess into fresh, original songs.

Proving that less is definitely more, her latest single combines upbeat pop with a touch of tasty country twang. Vibrant electric guitar plucks, frisky fingersnaps and a virulant beat is all she needs to forge an invigorating pop song with lots of bounce. Singing vividly relatable lyrics, her warm, yet powerful vocals glide over the melody, spawning a dynamic earworm you just can’t quit.

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Music History

38 Special – “The Sound Of Your Voice”

From their album “Bone Against Steel” (1991):

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New Music

Sonia Stein – “Muse”

This is the new single by singer and songwriter Sonia Stein:

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