In The Spotlight

Tracy Cruz – “Keep Our Soul Alive”

This award-winning singer/songwriter from San Jose, California, has been exciting music lovers around the world with her impressive vocal range. She’s supported many artists like Kenny Lattimore and Miki Howard on tour and has two albums and two EP’s under her belt. With an urban soul sound tinged by her Filipino roots, she conveys her impassioned message of love, hope and happiness.

Her latest single is draped in a translucent shroud of smooth classic soul tones with jazzy hues. The alluring percussion, beguiling keys and a sexy sax solo coalesce into an enchanted soundscape. Lyrically inspirational, her seductive and creamy, yet powerful vocals make it charming and relatable and add a bewitching quality to this refreshing melodious beauty, which is hard to resist.

From her upcoming EP “Art Of Facts”, to be released on 30 June 2018:

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Music History

The Hooters – “And We Danced”

From their album “Nervous Night” (1985):

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New Music

Una Healy – “Never See Me Cry”

This is the new single by Irish singer and songwriter Una Healy:

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