In The Spotlight

Barbudo – “Secret Admirer”

Hailing from Portsmouth, this British funk trio, consisting of brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth and Elliot Salter, created an unique amalgamation of old-school funk, rock and R&B. Inspired by the sounds of the 70s and legends such as Steely Dan and The Isley Brothers, they blend that vintage charm with contemporary tones, leading to the release of their invigorating debut EP “Pleasures” in 2017.

Sounding like the musical love child of Michael Jackson and Santana, they soaked the 70s-inspired funky melody of their new single in summery Latin vibes. With lively basslines, sun-kissed guitars and hot percussion laying down the summertime groove, a smokin’ electric guitar solo and the shimmering vocals tie all the elements together into a retro-dipped jam of pure sonic sunshine.

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