In The Spotlight

Marta Ren – “Worth It”

Brimming with Portuguese passion, this sizzling soul sister has been embracing the deepest funk and the rawest sixties soul since the mid-nineties. She lent her powerhouse vocals to break-beat outfit The Bombazines and thrilled live audiences in clubs and festivals across Portugal. Joined by The Groovelvets, she lauched her solo sound in 2016 with her debut  album “Stop Look Listen”.

Giving her powerful sixties soul stylings an invigorating fierceness, her new single presents a waterfall of vintage vibes with a bit of a bite. With a funkadelic beat, brash bass line and blazing brass turning up the sweltering musical heat, it’s her sultry, yet potent vocal chops with added roughage, that sets this melody on fire and makes waiting for this combustible soul groove well worth it.

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