In The Spotlight

Diplomats Of Solid Sound – “Fool”

Formed over 18 years ago in Iowa City, this five-piece funk and soul band is a skilled recording and songwriting powerhouse. Since debuting with their single “Bullfrog Boogaloo” in 2001, they have released three albums as an instrumental outfit and in 2006 added vocalist trio The Diplomettes. They’ve had their music featured in a slew of TV shows, as well as earning 22 million streams on Spotify.

With the The Diplomettes sounding like a legendary 60s female soul group, their latest single is dipped in classic Motown tones. Its retro beat, groovy guitars and vintage brass conjure up an image of sitting around a portable record player in your childhood room, spinning 45s. Taken from their upcoming album “A Higher Place”, due to drop on June 21, this is a sumptuous source of sanguine soul.

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