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Cooper Phillip – “Thank You Heartbreak”

This Russian singer and songwriter was born into a music loving family. Her mother was a master violinist and toured with several symphonies. She immersed herself in the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey. Aged 17 she moved to New York and became a wedding singer. After a move to Los Angeles her career took off and she debuted with her single “Silence” in 2014.

Initially teasing the senses with some vintage organ tones, her new single soon develops into a blend of contemporary pop and 90s R&B. With a mesmerizing syncopated rhythm and sweltering synths forming the delicious pop melody and her tantalizing, velvety vocals adding a luscious seductiveness, this luxuriantly textured tune is a sumptuous slice of vibrant sonic empowerment.

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