In The Spotlight

Noah Proudfoot & The Botanicals – “Wild One”

Hailing from Asheville, this singer and songwriter put his Major in Creative Writing to good use when creating expressive and inspirational lyrics. His debut album “Sing Sweet World” was released as a solo act in 2016. The formation of the band enabled them to create a soul/rock sound inspired by 70s Traffic and modern Tame Impala. They released their first 5-track EP “Travel Light” in 2018.

Giving contemporary indie-rock a refreshing bath in 70s-scented bubbles, their new single is lathered in rejuvenating effervescence. With a guitar-heavy, ethereal soundscape of infectious percussion and sparkling synths creating a vintage melodic trip, it’s the shimmering vocals conveying the lyrical story and the exquisite instrumental breaks, which make this lively stand-out jam truly shine.

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