In The Spotlight

Lexi Todd – “Window Shopping”

Naturally drawn to music, vinyl and self-expression, this New Jersey-born singer and songwriter is inspired by the free-spirited nature of her hometown. Now Brooklyn-based, she acts as an advocate for other artists by day, while also performing with the alt-R&B band Chevy Lopez by night. Introducing her pop, R&B and Jazz fusion solo sound, she debuted with her EP “Maria, Immured” in 2018.

With a velvety melody smoothing the way for her jazz-touched voice, her new single takes a refreshing look at Classic Motown gold. The enchanting instrumentation of a mellow rhythm, understated guitars and smooth violins wrap their warm harmonies around her delectable, soul-drenched vocals. Silky, sumptuous and yet commanding, this luscious gem truly shows her incredible aural artistry.

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