In The Spotlight

Elise Trouw – “How To Get What You Want”

Hailing from San Diego, this uber-talented recording artist is, besides a singer and songwriter, also a gifted multi-instrumentalist. Raised on an eclectic musical palette, ranging from The Carpenters to Green Day, she’s influenced by a plethora of genres. She graduated early to commit fully to her music. Playing every instrument herself, she debuted with her album “Unraveling” in 2017.

Enchanting, hypnotic and magical, her new single forges a breathtaking sonic sunrise. Mellow synths and smooth guitar strums merely accentuate the lively percussion, which drives the track to enthralling heights. And with her impressive vocals switching from having a silky jazz hue to alluring pop punch in the catchy chorus, this sunlit song gives the listener everything their ears ever wanted.

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