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Isabelle Brown – “To Say Goodbye”

Though still living her teenage years, this Brighton-born British singer and songwriter has known her ambition was musical since she started vocal lessons aged 5. At 7 she wrote her first song and uploaded a Nina Simone cover to YouTube aged 9. Inspired by legends like Wilson Pickett, Tina Turner and James Brown, she blends classic soul with contemporary R&B and debuted with “Places” in 2018.

Aurally and lyrically nurturing an emotionally bruised soul, her new single wraps its warm sonic arms around your shoulders and comforts you. A mellow rhythm drives the melody, while soothing guitars, tranquil keys and a flourish of soft horns add a velveteen opulence. Singing about closure and acceptance, her silken neo-soul vocals mold a smooth groove you don’t want to say goodbye to.

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