In The Spotlight

Uché ft. Bootsy Collins – “Whatever”

Born as Uchechukwu Walter Ndubizu-Egwin-Okoli in Sugar Land, TX, this impassioned performer found his calling when he saw High School Musical aged 11. Since he sang in choirs and learned to dance from his family in Nigeria. His rise to fame came as a top 10 contestant on Season 17 of American Idol. Influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince and Freddy Mercury he blends pop with a dynamic funkiness.

Enlisting the vast talent of the original funkateer Bootsy Collins, his sassy debut single is a powerful funkadelic trip. Cooking some R&B with a touch of hiphop, a spoonful of pop and a smidgen of 70s disco, all generously marinated in funky flavors and served with an abundance of pizzazz, it’s a delicious sonic snack. And with his Larry Blackmon-like vocal vitality, this is an exceptional funkalicious jam.

Uché: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Bootsy Collins: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

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