In The Spotlight

Fonkynson ft. Desiire – “Mind Games”

Originally from France, this DJ and producer was first influenced by his father’s music, like Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. As he grew up he developed a taste for electro styles, such as house, drum ‘n’ bass and techno. Now based in Montreal, he introduced his future-disco-house sound on his 2008 debut EP “So Damn Fresh”. His first full-length album “#followme” was released in 2016.

Featuring the contemporary soul-infused stylings of R&B vocalist Desiire, his new single fluently blends electronic acrobatics with some funkalicious seasoning. With a punchy beat serving as the melodic backbone, it’s the sweltering, disco-flavored synths that give a future-house basis its delectable vintage flair. Seductive, catchy and fresh, this jam is one groovy game you won’t mind playing.

Fonkynson: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Desiire: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

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