In The Spotlight

Monique Klemann – “Running Up A River”

Born in Amsterdam, this sensational Dutch songbird’s successful career began in the 80s, when she formed the award-winning band Loïs Lane, which reached commercial success as well as having toured with Prince in the early 90s. While still in existence today, she took a blend of pop, soul and jazz and started exploring a solo career, leading to the release of her debut solo album “On Patrol” in 2006.

With a radiant rhythm and refreshing guitars painting a silky, ear-stroking soundscape, her new single effortlessly blends pop with delightful jazzy hues. Taken from her upcoming album “Lovers In Motion”, expected on March 6th, it’s the vintage Californian vibes and her bewitching vocals that radiate elegance and style. Smooth, laid-back and yet exciting, this is a sonic river of pure sophistication.

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