In The Spotlight

Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts – “Can I Get An Amen”

Based near Fort Worth, Texas, this rocking singer and songwriter first found success with the band Smile Smile, before releasing his solo album “Hell Of A Day” in 2015. In 2017, joined by two UK-based band members called The Traitors, they released “The Devil’s In The Detail”. Now signed to Steven Van Zandt’s label Wicked Cool and under a new moniker, they dropped “This Is The Sound” in 2019.

Co-written by Stevie Van Zandt, their new single takes some 80s-touched roots-rock and dips it into a splash of gospel. Slightly reminiscent of the sound of Tom Petty, the potent beat bounces on the guitar-heavy melody, while his raw, passionate vocals tackle the struggles of being raised in church, but not following that path. Giving retro rock a spiritual edge, this gets an amen and a hallelujah.

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