In The Spotlight

Callie Young – “Problematic”

This youthful pop singer and songwriter from Phoenix started writing and performing her own original songs aged 10. Over time she has fronted a rock band called Lighthouse, sang the national anthem at several hockey and baseball games and competed on talent shows like The Voice and American Idol. Likened to Billie Eilish, Lorde and Taylor Swift, she debuted with “Back-Up Plan” in 2019.

Inspired by bad relationship experiences, her new single fuses a virulent melody with impassioned lyricism. With a fervent rhythm, fiery guitars and an avid bassline creating an ear-tingling contemporary pop soundscape, it’s her fierce, Katy Perry-dipped vocals, chronicling her romantic disappointments, that draw you in. Torrid, rousing and yet emotive, this catchy pop tune will resonate in your ears.

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