In The Spotlight

Roman Rouge – “The Other Me”

Raised in El Paso and having had to face various struggles throughout his childhood, this R&B singer and songwriter takes the passion of overcoming those hardships and pours them into his music. Influenced by the music of Majid Jordan and The Weeknd, he creates an authentic sound, brimming with personality and honest storytelling. He released his debut single “Darkness” earlier this year.

Expertly blending a funky bass with sleek R&B vibes, his new single is a delicious delight. Singing about being true to yourself, no matter what, his silken, soul-dripping vocals hug the seductive melody of laidback percussion, sultry synths and warm guitars, oozing both a classic sophistication and a contemporary flair. With an upbeat elegance, this alluring groove is filled with sonic charisma.

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