In The Spotlight

The Freedom Affair – “Give A Little Love”

Hailing from Kansas City, this 9-piece soul collective was formed in 2017, after Chris Hazelton and Dave Brick met and found a shared vision to write original soul music. Fronted by three female powerhouse vocalists and with an explosive band forging sonic fireworks, they recreate classic 60s soul, but with an added dollop of funk and an afrobeat. They debuted with the single “Rise Up” in 2019.

Driven by sweet percussion and filled with luscious brass, their new single is a true musical marvel. Taken from their album “Freedom Is Love” and breathing their politically-charge message of positivity for the future through every note, it’s the laidback vibe of the 60s soul sound and the perfect harmonies encouraging us to love each other, that make this tune an early, soul-infused Christmas present.

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