In The Spotlight

Duke & The Dry Cleaners – “Revolving Door”

Injecting the music scene with an unique shot of acid jazz in 2017, this London-based group came into existence, when lead vocalist, songwriter and producer Oli Duke began working in the studio with co-producer Arjun Doel. Lining acid jazz with layers of funk, soul and dance, they created a scintillating sound. Brought to life by a group of gifted musicians, they debuted with “I Want To” in 2020.

With a catchy rhythm and funky guitar strums creating an upbeat vibe, their new single is an unmitigated ear-teaser. Padding that exultant feel with some flavorsome synths, exuberant horns and Oli’s compelling vocals make this groove the perfect medicine for feeling down. Effortlessly blending indie-pop with their signature acid jazz and a touch of funk, this extravagant jam is filled with sonic fun.

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