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Jonathan Roy – “Walk Out On Me”

Son of hockey great Patrick Roy, this Canadian singer and songwriter first wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps by pursuing hockey in the junior leagues. However, while still a teenager, he decided on a career switch to music instead. Inspired by the varied sounds of the Backstreet Boys, John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne and initially singing in French, he released his debut “J’me Sens Bien” in 2011.

Taking on a new way of songwriting, he packed his life up in a van and traveled from Quebec, Canada to Malibu in California, resulting in his latest EP “My Lullaby”. His new single lyrically challenges the modern habit of giving up too easily, especially relationships. Wrapped in a beautiful tune with a soft piano, a mellow rhythm and his engaging, gritty vocals, this is a powerful and enchanting pop ballad.

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