In The Spotlight

Wake The Wild – “Made 4 U”

Now based in Los Angeles, this trio of longtime friends grew up playing together in the Bay Area jazz scene. With a shared influence of classic Prince and Michael Jackson, as well as Disclosure and Oliver Nelson, they blend electronic production of both vintage and modern synths and live instrumentation to create an old-school R&B, funk and pop blend. They debuted with “Touch The Ground” in 2016.

Get into a purple convertible and take a funky roadtrip along the sunny coast of their musical realm, because their radiant new single is a delicious sonic ride. With a shimmering synth sliding into a sunlit bop of fresh bass plucks and sleek electric guitars, it fuses together into a summery cocktail of Nu-Disco and sweet funk. Both vibrant and silky smooth, this retro jam was made for you.

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