In The Spotlight

Joshy Soul – “New Lover”

Born in sunshiny Long Beach, this flamboyant singer, songwriter, stylist and fashion model is an artist in every way. Raised on gospel music, he soaked up piano chords and harmonies and studied music at Riverside Community College. With his former band The Cool, he opened for Phoebe Bridgers, Cat Power and Haley Reinhart. He debuted his invigorating funky solo sound on “Celebration” in 2021.

Channeling the funkalicious vibes of Prince’s New Power Generation, his new single is bursting with eruptive confidence. Deeply dipped in the purple haze of 80s funk, it’s the relentless beat, sparkling guitars and lavish synths that fuse together into a voracious groove. And with his soulful, funk-infused vocals singing about new beginnings and moving on, this fiery jam is filled with a zesty bounce.

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