In The Spotlight

Zach Day – “If It Kills Me”

Having grown up in the backwoods of Kentucky, this folk-pop singer/songwriter regularly skipped school to teach himself to play guitar. In 2020 he appeared in season 18 of The Voice, as part of John Legend’s team and reached the battles. His technical, soul-bearing voice has impressed the likes of Meghan Trainor and Brandi Carlile, while icons such as Carole King reposted his covers to their socials.

Lyrically telling a relatable story about the struggle to let go of a relationship, his debut single is doused in classic soulful vibes. Using rich, acoustic instruments, it’s the insatiable rhythm and crisp keys that create a vintage 50s feel, while a contemporary production anchors it firmly in the here-and-now. And with his exhilarating, powerhouse vocals, this jam is a retro-dipped, soul-filled experience.

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