In The Spotlight

Bearoid – “Waiting For You”

Spanish producer and vocalist Dani Belenguer is the man behind Bearoid – an electro-pop project born from musical experimentation and the search for freedom. With lyrics that are based on real life experiences, he writes songs that are deeply personal and relatable. Although musically he lets his emotional state dictate the style when composing, he prefers melodic electronic music you can dance to.

On his latest single that organic way of composing turned the signature electro-pop into addictive electro-funk. With a very funkalicious beat, this is a sweltering synth-heavy song, chronicling the pitfalls of long-distance relationships. By blending retro-funk with hiphop vibes, the vocals go from a soul-dipped quality to a kind of melodic rap, creating a colorful and energetic groove.

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