In The Spotlight

Raquel Rodriguez – “Mile High”

The influences of the diverse cultural landscape of Los Angeles, where this enchanting soulstress was born and raised, shaped her exhilarating sound which blends 70s funk, 80s synth pop and 90s R&B. She worked with greats such as Gwen Stefani and Moby, released her debut EP in 2012 and had her music featured on TV show “Sons Of Anarchy”. Her latest EP “The 310” was released in 2016.

The sleek groove of her new single reaches new heights of soulful funkiness. The energetic, 70s-dipped bass line and the smooth, laid-back feel of the percussion, sound warm and inviting for her velvety, soul-infused vocals to slow-dance over. With silky guitars, retro flutes and vintage organ chords completing the polished production with a jazzy vibe, it’s a scintillating slice of neo-soul bliss.

From her upcoming EP “The 310: Part 2”, to be released later in 2018:

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