In The Spotlight

The Foxies – “Screws”

Founded by front woman Julia Lauren Bullock in Nashville and expanded with guitarist Jake Ohlbaum and drummer Rob Bodley, this glitter-punk trio combine thrashing punk, electronic pop and rock ‘n’ roll into their unique goth-disco sound. They released their debut single “Floods” in 2015 and played their euphoric live shows at renowned festivals like Sundance, Bonnaroo and South By Southwest.

Turning up the sonic kilowatts and dipping it in neon retro vibes, their new single is an ingenious amalgamation of vigorous rock, 80s power-pop and a touch of 70s punk. With a relentless driving beat, vintage keys and fiery rock ‘n’ roll guitars laying down a potent tune for her Gwen Stefani-touched vocal moxie to play with, this bouncy jam sounds both rugged and raw, as sparkling and refreshing.

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