In The Spotlight

Only Bricks – “Big Girl Shoes”

While both are practicing lawyers, this husband and wife duo finds their true calling in music. Anne DiGiovanni and Joseph Lewczak got married in 2017 and they debuted with their EP “Foundation” only a year later. Named after the lyrics of “Risk It All” by The Vamps, they build their indie-pop sound inspired by ABBA and Billy Joel, as well as contemporary artists such as FRANKIE and The Mowgli’s.

Shining a light on the continued inequality between men and women in the workplace, their new single blends upbeat indie-pop with a touch of classic punk. Starting off with bouncy guitar plucks and almost seductive vocals, this track explodes in the chorus. With 90s-touched, sonic TNT bursting out and Anne’s fiery and empowering voice, this inspiring, anthemic tune is as joyous as it is powerful.

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