In The Spotlight

Kristian North – “Halfway To Heaven”

Hailing from Montreal, this eclectic Canadian singer and songwriter spent over a decade as the frontman of punk band Babysitter. With a passion for exploring new musical genres and lyrical themes, his solo sound is an organic amalgamation of Warren Zevon’s soft-rock, Marvin Gaye’s downtempo groove and Roxy Music’s art pop. He released his solo debut album “The Last Rock N Roll Record” in 2018.

Fusing upbeat pop, lively soul and an excess of charisma, his new single binds the best elements of 80s music into one polished package. Taken from his new album “Passion Play”, it’s the mellow rhythm and the titillating horns that entice you in, where the neon-lit guitars and his suave, Bowie-esque vocal chops will enchant you. Showcasing his lyrical skills and musical mastery, this retro jam is superb.

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