In The Spotlight

Sean Hassard – “Lemonade”

Born in Spain and raised internationally, this Montreal-based singer and songwriter has been playing music since receiving his first guitar aged 7. He started performing at 12 at talent shows and school parties in Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and US. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer, he debuted his soulful with a gritty fringe sound with “I’ll Come Around” in 2019.

Instantly bursting onto your eardrums with a punchy rhythm and bouncy bassline, his new single is a refreshing cocktail of indie-pop, a drop of funk and a splash of soul. Although lyrically tackling the deeply emotional topic of unrequited love, the joyous instrumentals are a thirst-quenching sonic beverage. And with an infectiously funky, multi-layered chorus, this is a cool glass of flavorful juice.

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