In The Spotlight

Becca TG – “If I Didn’t Have You”

Based in Montreal, this talented Canadian vocalist and songwriter has had classical voice training from a young age and refined her vocal dexterity at the age of 12. Later she added jazz voice studies while she was in college. She’s created an irresistible sound blending R&B, soul and jazz which is as captivating and fresh as it is vintage and familiar. She released her debut EP “Disclosed” in 2016.

Starting with a laid-back acoustic guitar and her sirenic voice, her new single sounds like a warm hug when you need it most. Narrating the many struggles of living through the pandemic, she invokes a peaceful feeling of hope and solace through the intricate melody and alluring vocals. With a smooth rhythm and a touch of sunshine, this elegant tune provides aural comfort in difficult times.

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