In The Spotlight

Daya – “The Difference”

Born as Grace Martine Tandon, this talented singer and songwriter began playing piano aged 3 and graduated to jazz piano aged 11. In the meantime she added guitar, ukulele, saxophone and flute to her skills. She debuted with “Hide Away” in 2015 and released her first full-length album “Sit Still, look Pretty” in 2016. She also contributed her rich voice to the Chainsmokers hit “Don’t Let Me Down”.

Taken from her first EP in nearly 6 years, the title track shimmers with a highly infectious, modern dance beat. Blended with a touch of glittering pop and a slightly mysterious melodic vibe, it’s her seasoned vocal dexterity enchanting your eardrums with multifaceted excellence and refreshing high notes which makes the difference in this contemporary fusion of delicious danceable grooves.

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