In The Spotlight

Maddie Glass – “Space Boyfriend”

Born and raised in New York City, this singer, songwriter and actress grew up acting all around Manhattan and featured in Off-Broadway productions as a child. She’s currently studying acting at NYU Tisch and working on her first EP. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Avril Lavigne, Julia Michaels and Paramore, she debuted her bubbly pop-punk sound on her single “Livin’ In 2021” earlier this year.

Taking the listener way beyond Earth’s atmosphere, her sophomore single is an infectious and nostalgic pop-punk tune, reminiscent of the early 2000s teenage stars, while keeping a foothold in the present. Launching her sassy sound with buoyant electric guitars and a peppy beat, she completes her interstellar jam with her fresh and cheery vocals and a vibrant danceability that is out of this world.

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