In The Spotlight

Ilang – “Magic”

This Scandinavian singer and songwriter kicked off his career in 2008 as the front man of the band The Benefits, which debuted with their EP “Seize The Day” a year later. After the band split in 2012, he wrote songs including one featuring Cee Lo Green. Influenced by Classic Motown soul, Earth, Wind And Fire-like funk and Michael Jackson pop, he released his soulful EP “Nothing And Then Some” in 2016.

With his name meaning “good travel partner” in Greenlandish, he takes us on a musical journey back to the glorious 80s. The neon-splashed beats and colorful synths create a powerful pop/funk palette of epic amplitude. His soulicious vocals and the poptastic punch of the lively, Michael Jackson-inspired, retro vibes, make it a swanky slice of vintage glitz with a dash of 80s glamour.

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