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Steven A. Clark – “Feel This Way”

Hailing from North-Carolina and now based in sunny Miami, this singer/songwriter blends 80s-style pop/R&B with contemporary club beats and creates an innovative new sound. With an emotional, personal lyricism and a creative, passionate instrumentation, his lifelong love of music truly shines. He debuted his self-written, 3-track EP “LATE” in 2014, after signing with Secretly Canadian.

His new single is a tantilizing taster of his upcoming album “Where Neon Goes To Die”, which is to be released on 7 September 2018. Dipping his modern club rhythms into a bath of nostalgic R&B and soul, the exhilarating pounding beat, catchy handclaps and groovy guitar plucks add a summertime spirit, while his distinctive vocals and soaring synths give this track a funky, 80s-inspired soul.

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