In The Spotlight

Jean-Mikhael – “Neighbours Are Calling”

This uber-talented singer, songwriter, actor and model grew up in London surrounded by creativity, from his mother being Boney M’s hair stylist to his grandfather who was a saxophonist in Chicago. He graduated from the BRIT School and played Michael Jackson in “Thriller LIVE” in the West-End. Also inspired by legends like Grace Jones and Prince, he released his debut EP “The Deal” in 2018.

Based on the true story of him actually disturbing his neighbours, as well as a tempestuous relationship, his tasty new single fuses vintage funk and classic soul with a R&B/pop relish. With funkalicious bass plucks, a sparkling rhythm and spicy keys creating the retro vibes, it’s his flirtatious falsetto voice that unites all elements. Funky, soulful and alluring, this jam is awe-inspiring ear-candy.

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