In The Spotlight

Sheps – “Problems”

This is a musical project around London-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Sheppard. Taking inspiration from contemporary artists like Charlie Puth, FINNEAS and Lauv, he combines modern pop with heavy percussive elements, intricate production and honest, heartfelt lyricism to create a riveting sound of his own. He debuted with his single “Thnk Abt U” in 2020.

Candidly singing about his struggles with anxiety, his new single is as authentic and sincere as it is airy and upbeat. Although co-written by long-term collaborator Billy Bligh, he not only produced the track, but also played every instrument. The crisp guitars, bright keys and bouncy percussion forge a catchy tune, while his refreshing and genuine vocals face the past demons of his late-teens life.

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