In The Spotlight

Breakbot ft. Ruckazoid – “Another You”

After graduating from art school with a degree in 3D Animation, French producer Thibaut Berland used his spare time to create some remixes, like “Let There Be Light” by Justice, which made it to the duo’s album. He signed his own deal in 2009 and released his debut single “Baby I’m Yours” in 2010. Blending analogue and digital instruments, he makes retro disco and funk sound neoteric and fresh.

Joining forces with Ruckazoid on his latest single, they apparently merge into Breakazoid, a cosmic pimp who spreads love by taking humans across the galaxy. Musically, however, this is a funkadelic gem of galactic proportions. With a catchy retro rhythm, soaring synths and smooth, vintage-dipped vocals creating a discolicious groove, this jam is the final frontier of pure futuristic funk.

Breakbot: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | iTunes
Ruckazoid: Twitter | Instagram

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