In The Spotlight

Doe Paoro – “Over”

Behind Doe Paoro is Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Sonia Kreitzer, who is a self-taught pianist and vocalist. She’s traveled through the Himalayas, spending several weeks in silent meditation and finding inspiration from Lhamo. Creating an inspirational hybrid of a myriad of decade-spanning genres, such as pop, soul, R&B and dubstep, she released her debut “Slow To Love” in 2012.

Taken from her upcoming album “Soft Power”, to be released on October 19th, her latest single pays tribute to the smoldering soul of the 60s. Recorded in London with a live band, she’s dipped her seductive, smoky vocals in harmonies akin to The Ronettes. With a slick beat, playful piano and singing guitars, this is an emotive throwback to the heart-wrenching love songs of the 60s.

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