In The Spotlight

Unknown Chapters – “Losing My Mind”

This brand spanking new five-piece band from London was formed late 2017 by Italian born guitarist Lorenzo Calvo. They’ve created their own, univocal sound by blending Indie-Pop tunes with touches of Funk-Rock. They’ve also found their way onto the London live circuit, playing renowned venues such as Nambucca and The Water Rats. Their debut EP is due to drop later in the year.

Their impressive debut single instantly launches into a highly infectious funky groove and immediately sets the pace for the rest of this catchy track. Supplementing their funkalicious folly are some Maroon 5-adjacent indie-pop vibes and even a surprising rap bridge teasing the rousing rhythm and frisky guitar strums. With this jumping jam they’ve started a new chapter of the set Indie-Rock scene.

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