In The Spotlight

Miki Rose – “By My Side”

This globetrotting singer and songwriter was born in Brighton, UK, but grew up in Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Dallas. She graduated Chicago’s Berklee College Of Music early, moved to Los Angeles and started putting vocals to beats on Soundcloud, which introduced her to Brighton-based producer El. Train. They started working together, leading to the release of her 2015 debut EP “Over & Over”.

Starting with a smooth, atmospheric shimmer, her new single soon turns it up a notch with a sun-soaked R&B melody. Taken from her new EP “Nomad Diaries, Vol. 1”, her sultry and soulful vocals surf the ebb and flow of the melodic soundwaves with finesse, while blending classic soul, R&B and electronic elements creates a chilled-out tune with a summery vibe you always want by your side.

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