In The Spotlight

Tim Rose – “Left On Read”

Hailing from Hawaii, this singer and songwriter had quite a rocky start in life. Despite battling with alcoholism from a young age, he became quite proficient on the guitar and went on to study music theory at the University Of Hawaii. He decided to get sober and found solace in the music of Bill Withers, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder. In 2015 he released his critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album.

Living in his Chevy van, he channels the gods of funk and soul, while creating his melodic chronicles. His new single is the third installment of a visual album about the pitfalls of dating. His silky, soulful vocals are wrapped in a vintage fusion of funk and disco from a rousing rhythm, sprightly guitars, lively synths and dashing horns, making this a highly danceable retro-journey into funkalicious heaven.

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