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Francis Aud – “Say It Loud”

This active New Yorker first picked up a guitar in high school and used his experiences with several heartbreaks to join a love for poetry and his music into songwriting. An university graduation later and he’s performing his music in renowned venues. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Al Green and Marvin Gaye as well as Allen Stone and Bruno Mars, he released his debut EP “Tender Things” in 2017.

Taken from his upcoming second EP “FONK”, which will be released in the Fall, his new single is a funkalicious feast of epic proportions. An invigorating rhythm and electro guitars drive this zesty jam beyond any speed limit, while picking up hitchhikers in the form of a vintage organ and exhilarating brass along the way. And with his funky, retro rapping vocals, this is a song that needs to be played loud!

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