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Halia Jack – “Waited Long Enough”

Growing up in North-London, surrounded by an eclectic soundtrack of musical genius – from Jimi Hendrix and Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Motown soul of Al Green and Diana Ross – this singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist carved out her own artistic path. Inspired by Nile Rodgers and Madonna, she fused pop with vintage soul elements and created a decade-spanning aural identity of her own.

Introducing her vibrant musical mixture, her debut single layers a buoyant disco beat, shimmering 80s synths and reverb guitar plucks, giving it a luxurious groove. Teasing the release of her debut EP “Dreamland”, expected at the end of Summer, the opulent melody harmonizes perfectly with her luscious, 90s R&B-touched vocals and creates the exquisite, impassioned sound you’ve been waiting for.

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